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Loyalty Program

Discounted Services For Your Monthly Massage Visits

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Even as healers, we know it's hard to commit to taking care of yourself. At August Moon Spa, we like to reward self care and we do this with our passport program. 

The passport is a completely free rewards program which allows our guests to earn points when they receive services or make retail purchases.  Once you have accumulated 500 points, you earn a $100 credit which may be applied towards any single service.

Unlike other membership programs that require a monthly charge or have an expiration on their freebies, our passport program allows you the flexibility of coming in when you can without losing any of the benefits.

Received a service at our spa in the past and unsure if you're signed up? Not to worry, we enroll all our spa guests automatically. We would never let you "miss out" simply because you are unaware. If you are curious where your passport stands, you can always call or email our reception desk to check your passport balance.



What if I come with a group & only one person pays for all the services?
Every CLIENT who receives spa services will receive passport points for the services they personally received. This means if you and your partner come in for a couples massage and only one of you took care of the charge you will EACH be started a passport equal to the amount of the services you each received. Retail charges will go towards the individual who completed the transaction.

What if I book a monthly special?
Passport points ARE accumulated even on discounted services or monthly specials but the points earned will be equal to the amount spent on the services not the full retail price.

What qualifies for points and what does not?
All services and retail are included in our passport program. Things that are not included are gift certificate purchases, tax on retail, gratuities to your professionals, food and beverages.

What if I am paying with a gift certificate?
Passport points are still accumulated when using an IN HOUSE gift certificate to pay for services. This can be a spa or hotel gift certificate. Passport points are NOT accumulated when using a marketing certificate or promotional certificate.

What happens when I’ve completed a passport?
When you complete a passport it will be noted on your client file until you choose to treat yourself. Passports cannot be filled and redeemed in the same day. They never expire and once a passport is full you may allow someone else to use your full passport. We do not transfer passport points until it has reached 500 points and is considered full.

What is the $100 credit good towards?
When redeeming a passport you will receive a $100 credit towards a single service in the spa. As the passport is good towards a single service, we encourage you to use your passport towards a service valued at $100 or more. You cannot combine smaller services to equal the $100 price nor will we give a credit if the service does not equal $100. The passport must be used in full. If you choose to redeem your passport for a service valued at more than the $100 credit you simply pay the remaining balance. Passports credits are considered a discounted service and cannot be combined with any other specials or discounts including our monthly specials.