Herbal Poultice

Experience Full Body Relaxation in Ithaca, NY

Massage with Herbal Poultice
herbal poultice with candles
Close-up of Herbal Poultice Steamer at August Moon Spa

Combining some of our favorite elements of herbs, heat and stretching, the herbal poultice massage treatment at our Ithaca spa has a wow factor all its own! The Herbal Poultice massage uses steamed herb packs that are rolled and compressed along the body in combination with full body stretch massage techniques blended artfully into an integrated massage leaving the client in full body relaxation and bliss.

This service is ideal if you’re looking for the deep tension release experienced from a hot stone massage combined with the ability to use firmer pressure work during the massage itself. Services includes take home of the herbal poultice for continued at home therapy.

Herbal Poultice Massage Treatment


  • $205 - 90 MINUTES